“TSL’s breadth and depth of knowledge of the transportation business is invaluable to companies evaluating their transportation networks.”

Director of Global Logistics
Telecom Equipment Firm

“I like the format, the way they run their bids, establish timelines and provide full information to work on and bid against using the actual activity levels. I like the fact that there is a decision going to be made. TSL does a very, very good job of helping customers rationalize their distribution footprint. Along with that, they help them rationalize and get to the best value in selecting transportation services and companies to support that footprint. For instance, they are very good at looking at transportation patterns in and out of different geographic options”

Consulting Company Partner
Former Freight Company Executive

Transport Solutions “allows me to work without internal staff where otherwise I’d have to hire 3-4 highly trained staff and maintain them as fixed staff. In the end, I probably spend at most one quarter of what I’d have to spend on internal staff, and I get a deeper level of experience and I get a better business mentality than I would otherwise.”

Sr. Director of Worldwide Logistics
Computer Peripherals Manufacturer

“It’s the control and peace of mind knowing that I’ve got people who commit to an immense amount of detail and make sure we’re doing it right.”

Sr. manager of international logistics
telecommunications equipment manufacturer

“I was wearing many hats and had overall responsibility for most of my companies’ support functions with transportation being a new area for me. I had to rely on someone to help me sort out our current logistics situation and develop/implement a strategic direction. Phil (Ramsdale) did that for me! We did an RFQ last year, and what TSL did for me was to save $2 million on just one year’s freight.”

Director of transportation and compliance
large high-tech manufacturer

“Transport Solutions was able to help us accomplish significant improvements in all facets of our transport logistics function. They replicated the success achieved with my previous company. I would recommend them to companies that are serious about excellence in transport logistics.”

large sporting goods company